Aide for Animals

No-Kill, Adoption Center, Assisted Living & Retirement Home


All donations are tax-deductible! Either by mail or PayPal or through Causes on Facebook     Thanks!

General Operating Expenses:
Monthly  Food supplies, meds, & vetting alone, run  ……$2,500 -3,500.00


l.   Outdoor/indoor, escape-proof  Safe Haven

This is a wonderful safe, park-like area with shelter & structures for the cats to play and climb on, with cat friendly flowers, shrubs and garden elements for aesthetics  (so cats can do what cats do best……eat, lounge around and be lazy, with intermittent playing in a  safe and secure area)! Repairs and upkeep are always needed.

cats yard

cat yard-1

This project has cost much more than we had planned.  We’ve already spent over $15,500 and would like to make this even more special.

We are constantly working on our cat yard putting in more plants, walkways, shelter, and play areas. However several storms have damaged this area and your tax-deductible donations are needed.

2. Repairs to old cattery – general renovations and repairs, paint,  roofing, flooring, air/heat, plumbing, elec,  etc.


All donations are tax-deductible! Either by mail, Pay Pal or causes on Facebook or of course, in person – Thanks! Receipts are mailed out promptly.

Mailing address:
Aide for Animals
P. O. Box 50204
Mobile, Al 36605-0204

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