Aide for Animals

No-Kill, Adoption Center, Assisted Living & Retirement Home


We are currently at capacity and unable to accept new arrivals. However please read….
Admission Policy

Dear Community, It is our hope that the public understands why we are unable to meet every call for help.

Aide for Animals is a small 501©(3) Limited Admission No-Kill shelter on an available space basis dedicated to the care and humane treatment of mostly felines.  We are an all volunteer shelter and provide an alternative to euthanasia for cats that are not suffering, yet have been abandoned, rescued or surrendered by their owners.

We have implemented a new policy – A SURRENDER FEE  of $70.00 – As we are a charity working on donations, this helps provide the initial needed vet check and care for the new arrival.  This does not pay for the entire cost, but helps toward it.

Limited Admission Shelters typically accept animals by appointment which provides the opportunity to learn more about the animal’s background, health and personality.  This enables the agency to make intake decisions based on the organization’s ability to care for and meet the animal’s needs, as well as move animals through the shelter and adoption process as quickly as possible. Aide for Animals is a sanctuary for life for old, special needs, abandoned and disabled felines.   Although we do adoptions on an appointment basis, the needs of the resident cats must come first.

Limited Admissions Shelters do not euthanize animals for space reasons, there is usually a waiting period before an animal can be admitted into shelter. 

Before any new animal is allowed to join our program, it is tested for communicable diseases.  For the safety of all animals and lack of special quarantine housing we are not able to help cats that have tested positive for feline aids or leukemia or dogs that test positive for parvo.  Our quarantine area is strictly for the unexpected or an animal that has been injured or become ill.  

                                For several reasons, our intake numbers must be adhered to. 

1.  Lack of space.  We are an Adoption Center, Assisted Living and Retirement home for cats and dogs. Many of our animals were unwanted, are disabled or have been abused which makes their adoption less likely.  This means they will not be euthanized but will continue to live at our facility for the rest of their lives or until they are lucky enough to be adopted.

2.  Lack of finances. Vetting, rehab & daily care is expensive. Operating expenses also include repairs and renovations.

3.  Overcrowding is not fair or beneficial to any animal. We must be able to devote enough time to each animal in our care.

4.  Even healthy animals get sick from time to time and must be tended to. Our goal is to keep our residents happy and healthy.

We are so grateful to those who support us with donations; without you, an occasional grant and out-of-pocket money there would be no us!  Please understand there may be times when we will not be able to honor your request for help.  Your contributions are helping us take care of the needy animals already in our care. To those who ask us to take in your rescue or family pet please understand that there are times when we simply do not have room and will not be able to help you.    We always try our best to help as many as possible and through the years feel like we have made a big impact on our community by reducing the number of unwanted animals in our area; many are still living at our shelter.

Freeing up space depends on adoptions and the life span of our residents. If we do have to turn an animal away, we will be more than happy to talk with you and share your animal’s plight with others via e-mail and/or posting on Facebook to help you find a solution. It is important to us that you understand our policies. We are dedicated to our job and do everything possible to help the animals in our community.

Open 5 days a week, 10-4   By Appointment                                                                                                                                                                                        

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