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Adoption Application

Please click on this link to view and fill in our
Suggested donation is $100.00  for a cat or dog,
which covers only a portion of our costs. 
This money goes toward helping another rescue in need.
 Costs may be lowered or waived, if approved, for anyone adopting a
   senior or disabled animal.


  1. kitty adler stokes

    hi my senior ragdoll kitty recently passed away and we miss her laid back personality so we would like to find another spayed older large cat, with a laid back personality, if possible. if you have any needing a good home,please let me know. thanks so much

  2. aideforanimals1

    Hi, Kitty,

    My name is Lee Ann Maples, and I’m a board member at Aide for Animals. Betsy may have already written back to you, since this message is so old, but if not, I apologize for the long delay. I am still learning how to maneuver my way around our website, and just today figured out how to access our messages.

    If you are still looking for a cat, please get back with us. We have several fur babies that you can choose from, and most of them are five years old and up, with the oldest 10+ years old.

    If we have already helped you or if you got a new kitty from somewhere else, please accept my apology and when you get a minute, check out our website again. We are having a yard sale on November 4, and the poster for it is in the fundraiser section of this site.

    Thanks so much!

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